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xavier sorrow lyrics – lonely


[verse 1]
miss being young with my homies
why does growing up make you lonely
take me back to the rolie polie ollie
back to macaroni and ravioli ay
sorry for the mood i’m k!lling
i miss this miss this feeling
nothing ever feels real and
this vibe is too familiar ay
i don’t know why my minds ghosting
lately i feel like i’m coasting
you tired of all my emotions
so i drown my tears in the ocean
like no way up just way down
keep it down there don’t be loud
man up don’t let out
naw you better not let it out
it’s easy going downhill
a battle going up
i use all my ammunition
but i still can’t k!ll this love
no it’s not good for me
i know what’s good for me
it’s hard to be the man i really wanna be
i’m trying i’m trying
but i don’t know if i believe

[verse 2]
remember writing bars in my bedroom
friends wanna go out i don’t really want to
everybody miss you better come thru
i don’t really want to because shoot
i just wanna be here
cuz she bringing him there
i swear that i still care
i’m sorry i just can’t be there
look why don’t you tell me what i’m missing
to be honest i don’t really wanna listen
if you tell me at least i’m distant
i thought i lost feelings but i didn’t
i know every time i say i miss you she says okay
you say a year god said to wait but i guess that’s not the case
in 5 months you went away you say goodbye i say oh thanks
like a bridge over a gap yeah that got me over things
now i’m writing what i’m dealing with ay
i know that your side’s different uh
i won’t say your name in this naw
just telling my story for the kids yuh

[verse 3]
started popping off back in ’09
get em with a one two hit em with a punchline
everybody wanna cosign for the headline
but i took time off then i hit a decline
that’s my time i can never get back
high school kid running around with a backback
selling mixtapes just to buy a snapback
memories like a kodak with a flashback ay
that’s all that i knew everybody else was cool
look at me i’m so confused i just don’t know what to do
i got questions on the low like will i ever know
where i come from where to go i don’t know i really don’t know
like god are you there do you really care
this not fair i just want answers
i just wanna cry when i’m not alright
but i try to hide yeah all this damage
i just really want a real talk with you
heard adam in the garden used to walk with you
every time you be calling i go off on you
lord i wanna go all for you

i feel so alone
without you yeah
i’m so lonely
and i don’t know where to go
wheres my home yeah
i’m so lonely i’m so lonely yeah
i’m so lonely-ly-ly-ly-ly
yeah i ‘m so lonely i’m so lonely ay
i am lonely-ly-ly-ly-ly
i feel so alone

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