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rozz dyliams lyrics – latitudes


[verse 1]
it’s like the summer in ’98
30 degrees everywhere
up and down the interstate
rolling just like hiffi
up and down the i5
i’m coming down to see you
don’t know how much longer i can wait
i’m waiting for a sign to show me something that i can’t decide
i can’t get over what i feel about you – what i have inside
galeforce high tide
let me read your life line
i only wanna make you mine
i got no time to waste your time
your love is just like lighting striking
outside on the high dive
and cannonballing back into a room filled up with candle light
swan dive straight into your room
your room is like a tomb
get an after-afternoon to let it p-ss us by
clumsy, graceful when you wake into the room
heads are turning, leaves are turning
how you make the flowers bloom
sad and anxious
heart is aching when i wake up next to you
all this searching makes me nervous
so on purpose i found you
want it my way
under the tray
something to write back home about
don’t know what to say
the skies are all grey
when i see your face it turns me out

you’re a question with no answer
you’re the answer without question

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