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nathan baya lyrics – god


god i wanna learn to say sorry
and not repeat what i’m sorry for
cause am i really sorry if i do it again or i’m i saying sorry cause i’m guilty for a moment in this moment i’d like to expose myself before the devil does i’m dishnouring your woman how i go from being tempted and rejecting to being the one that’s tempting and i’m never rejected when i request to relocate between her legs but i know the closer we get the more distant from you she gets and i don’t wanna be the one to cause seperation and from you i don’t wanna be seperated but its hard to eliminate sin when you go from having no options to popping now woman no longer make me a option i’m a priority but now who do i priotize you or them? i ain’t ashamed to say i’m struggling who do i think i am having unprotected s-x like my bank account protected neglecting that my pockets tighter than a virgin and i’m getting raped with debt every night i sweat like when will i learn my lesson when i have a child i can’t afford its time i learn to listen cause though the sounds of her moan bring sastifaction they don’t compare to the scream from my mother prayers when she prays i get it right but what do i do spit in my mothers face by having s-x in the same house she prays in they love to think i’m innocent but i’m just a man who’s lost in sin tryna win men show love to get s-x woman show s-x to get love n-body wants to get played but everybody plays them self when they play somebody else in this movie called life

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