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king twano lyrics – dummo


money out my pants
that’s how i’m feeling yeah
i can’t waste no pennies there
i keep a hitta anywhere
i been down for many years
and i now i run the city yeah
i’m the one she know, she go for broke i’m in her kitty yeah
i could flex on any n-gg- yadamean
i’m tryna scheme
feel like wutang with this cream
compet-tion what that mean?
idk i’m in the lead
these n-gg-s switching teams
i’m forever tbe
dripping sauce we making scenes
i’m with the gang, round the way
29 that’s where i stay
n-gg- know i’m not hiding, i be dragging in his face
i’m the hottest no debate
skirting off like no brakes
on my grind no breaks
dedicated to the cake
n-gg- check my resume
you ain’t even half as paid
i make all the songs these young n-gg-s tryna immitate
dropped round da bend, now we watching money generate
all this pillow talking make a n-gg- wanna stay awake
rest in peace to scoota n-gg-
screaming free the shooters n-gg-
walk up in ya house better be cautious bout intruders n-gg-
40 burn ya face off, type to freddy kruegers n-gg-
all these twitter fingers, sneak dissing on computers n-gg-

i’m making a way, these n-gg-s gon hate i get to the bag now
making em fans now, i am a cash cow
don’t f-ck with these n-gg-s these n-gg-s is shady another man down
i’m all in my bag now, i feel like a cash hound
i get to bag run it, these n-gg-s they get to the bag and fumble it
tumbling most of these rappers is mumbling
spit a few bars and i’m still having fun with it
f-ck with it, n-gg-s don’t know who they up against
i get the bag and my n-gg-s they double it
running it, f-ck all the haters they stumbling
get in my way my n-gg-s they busting it
yeah i need that bag oooh
yeah i’m in my bag oooh
run up better act cool
my n-gg-s coming at you
ion need to brag oooh
wutang cash rules
why you acting brand new?
doing what you can’t do
i’m the poltergeist
you know i’m cold as ice
make that n-gg- freeze
or make him lose his life
we talking heavy murder
another sacrifice
i’m from the city where these n-gg-s don’t know wrong from right
i’m out the 29
thinking was i ever nice?
i spit bars that these n-gg-s tryna memorize
i need the excorsist to tell me i ain’t lose my mind
on the phone with my lawyer i might face time
i’m making a way, my pockets are paid, you n-gg-s can’t think about it
swerve inna wraith, doing the race probably might crash the audi
pull up to pallarazzi, they whipping that yo like gotti
i couldn’t love a thottie
she got way too many bodies
these n-gg-s is copy cats
i’ll make em rewind it back
b-tches get famous they don’t know how to act
they know where my mind is at
i’m on a veteran level
i’m better than ever
i’ll f-ck up a beat then i dip
i’m dropping dimes on these n-gg-s ain’t making no sense
so i came back 100 percent
drop round da bend and these n-gg-s was sleep
wasn’t feeling my flow, so i’m giving em heat
got da game inna l, got ya b-tch onna leash
and i rep my campaign, til these n-gg-s believe
that i am the hottest out, bring them shottas out
yeah they know i’m the one with the hits
this is for n-gg-s who said i won’t win
b-tch i’m the god make you n-gg-s repent
d-mn i’m spazzing again
how many songs do i gotta drop
to show these n-gg-s that i got it on lock
just like a stove they know that i’m hot
i got no time to look at a clock
i got no time to mess with a thot
i’m doing me so i know they gon plot
get to the money yeah get to the bag
n-gg- stop hating and get you some guap
i got no time for b-tches, i gotta shine on n-gg-s
i gotta grind to riches, til all these diamonds glisten
i got that college wisdom, that godly vision
n-gg- i’m on a mission, n-gg- i gotta get it
ain’t have no pot to p-ss in, maybe i’m oddly gifted
f-ck it my mind is drifting
that b-tch wishy washy
cut her off she sorry
f-ck that b-tch 1 time
now she can’t stop calling
pockets on escobar
n-gg- i set the bar
i’m on the top lil n-gg- b-tch yeah i never will fall
twisted like handle bars
n-gg-s can’t handle bars
the beat i just rip it apart
you tryna dance with a star?
i did this sh-t from the start
these n-gg-s don’t go no heart
i money man in the p-ssy
told her i’m leaving a mark
you n-gg-s actors man, you n-gg-s playing a part
i gotta stay in my lane, i call that playing it smart
i had to hop on a plane, b-tch
n-gg- i’m f-cking ya main b-tch
n-gg- i’m still with the same clique
i come around and they play…dead

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