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j lye lyrics – nice for what


ya shout out murda, shout out corey. real sh-t for a real woman, when she really deserves it
j lye by the way, yeah

gotta give your all when you are looking for a partner
try to teach you things but i know that women are smarter
yeah, im trying to read you, so im going to the author
and i call you heaven sent, but i give credit to your mama
standing back and looking every time you do a circle
get so much attention, but with you i feel like erkel
jump the compet-tion like im jumping over hurtles
when i listen to the music, write you letters in my journal
figures so vivid that you’ve got the cure to blindness
going through the back, they never show you where the line is
bottle girls complimenting you on how your style is
im tryna give you more cause you’re the one i see as timeless
never mind this, but i know you’ve been through hardship
men walking over you like you’re a carpet
girls jealous so you always were a target
dad gone so you always stayed guarded
yeah, well i just cherish your reflection
i want to be the one to give you every night attention
i want to be the one to give you every night affection
yeah they f-cked you up, so let me be your one correction
sushi restaurants, we let the waiter pour the sake
always home with you so you can never say you caught me
beat it up at night, so yeah im modern day rocky
and you bragging to your friends, i plant the seed you call me papi
cause you’re nice for what
and all these men had a chance, they weren’t nice enough
ima ease up all your pain when the nights get rough
its a cinderella story like you’re hilary duff
gl-ss slippers from a man that can really understand
that he’d never have a plan, only wants to have your hand
and he’d keep it in his pocket like it was a souvenir
you know you’re on my mind every time that you’re not here
i met a lot of women never met another you
cause you’re the only woman that im letting slide through
i met a lot of women never met another you
and i had to say it twice so you knew that it was true

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