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envy lyrics – ain’t got time

[nico sereba:]
yo, as i drag these words out the center of my heart
this lyrical lifestyle i wanna be a part
wanna hit the stars, wanna be a large
so many feeling, d-mn they tearing me apart
i gotta let it out, and this beat’s the opportunity
only god knows what this tension might do to me
wanna act grown, being g’ isn’t cool to me
i know talking about guns make a fool of me
and when people ask how i be,
i say good, keep my chest locked and throw away the key
that’s just how i am, i don’t know
i rarely show people what’s hidden up in my soul, and
i can laugh, i can smile, spread positive vibes
but sometimes, you just can’t retain what’s behind
especially when it heaps up, frustration and pain
hot blood in my veins, bubble up to my brain
that’s when i need dope so i can fly like an eagle
and like an addict, me too press out the needle
but i don’t really put it in flesh
i write brother, that’s when i open my chest
and don’t doubt me, what’s coming out my mouth is probably
what i’ve experienced in the last two weeks and
i make people believe, they thought it couldn’t be
but i’m the same as them so just watch me

i let ’em jump around playin’ like they already there
but time’s ticking so i’m always acting au contraire, why
cause i ain’t got time, no
cause i ain’t got time, no
and if they wanna hate, let ’em, i don’t pay ’em no mind
i’m just timing my arrival and plan a surprise
cause i ain’t got time
cause i ain’t got time, no

[vinzy v:]
i seldom play with fire, but no shame if i’m burned
cause i value and appreciate the lesson that i’ve learned
and that’s how you progress, important
once step back, then two steps forward
nothing in life comes easy, but you gotta believe
that you can acheive, then go get it
get up, get out and get something
initiate, then demonstrate
i mean, show ’em what you made of, prove it
heard ’em say you should think, say it, then do it
i’m doing it, that’s why you keep hearing me
talking bout my dreams like it’s destined to be
i mean, like, why wouldn’t it be
but nothing in life is certain though, or is it
that’s why i try get too happy in advance
cause you never know, there might be a sudden change of plans
and i can’t stand disappointments, so you know what
i keep showin’ up late cause i’m afraid of getting stood up
would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, i hate risks
so i often find myself thinking like, man what if
what if i’d just gone for it, i should’ve just did it
but the stakes are too high, i can’t make the wrong decisions
that’s the reason, that’s the truth
first time i open up in the booth and it feels good


# envy

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