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carnival of flesh lyrics – the battle


the night devoured the morning, the fires burnt the ground
a worthy foe on the battlefield was nowhere to be found
armies fell and rose again, to serve them on their side
they march on with audacity that cannot be denied
onto the last victory, they’re ready for the game
the closing play in this theatre of pain
the curtain shall come down when the last kingdom’s controlled
by eternal darkness, as the prophecy foretold

the last battalion of the fair
quavering in despair
their champion arose
“we must take no remorse
…in our own death”

they’re flying high, observing puppets on the stage
every scene filling them with bitterness and rage
putting all resources into the final fight
vast armies stretch beyond the line of sight
the air is getting thick from the grizzling sounds
past the point of no return, the oath has been sworn
a new sea of blood is bound here to be formed

have no fear, pain is here

fire! fire!
liberating, everlasting, mesmerising flame
fire! the flames grow higher
the soul-consuming. dominating messenger of pain

fire! fire!
fire! sings like a choir
there’s no escape from melodies of abysmal dismay

on the other side, in the haunting dark the eternal queen was ready to strike
casting spells of unspeakable woe, each one more deadly as her power grows

a courageous guild started a coup

they ambushed the queen with a magical cloud
blinded by rage she let her guard down
with all their strength they vigorously fought
for hours on end, until she was caught
they dragged her far away from here, never to be found
she was put on a torture wheel, head facing the ground
for every fallen ally they threw a sack of stones
the ambiance was filled with the sound of her cracking bones
they hacked her into pieces, cut every vein
she couldn’t die but she felt excruciating pain
as the final step they set her body alight
her immortal soul was crushed with this gruesome sight

from pain receptors’ overdose
she couldn’t move or breathe
her soul collapsed
she couldn’t stand it any more
and once again
she was dead

her soul began the journey towards the sky
leaving her torturers petrified
impervious darkness covers the plains
no light will there ever shine again
the flaming crown felt a part of him die
absurdly still hoping that she’s alive
riding swiftly towards the cursed site
this fate he will not recognise

the place where once she stood
but all that was left
devoured by emotions, his madness reached new heights
cathartically killing everything in sight
the gateway from the afterlife was permanently closed
no undead soldiers evermore arose
enemies and allies were all wiped alike
abidingly put down by his fatal strike
over his own actions he lost all control
for where was his soul is now a m-ssive hole

he won’t stop until they’re all dead
if he could, he would cut his own head
all the world united to try to take him down
but they failed to even touch his crown

how can you kill that which will not die
to whom the comfort of death is denied?
how do you crush that which has no soul
that lost its purpose and ultimate goal?

waves of soldiers met their gruesome end
some even by their own hand
they embrace their deaths as a welcome release
from this living h-ll stripped off any sort of peace

now they’re all dead
the sea is full of lead

sitting on the edge of a bl–dy sh-r-
of his sanity he slowly regains control
all around him are fields of corpses
in his mind he still hears their voices
outcome of this battle, the final score
he lost all he was working for
after a deep thought, to him it occurred
he is now the ruler of (an) empty world

# carnival of flesh

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