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azerrz lyrics – trap $piderman

[intro: azerrz & sixtyplug]
so there’s alotta rapping going on youtube lately
like, like alot. like everyone is dissing everyone and sh-t
like what if, what if a nerd did it? y’know what i mean?
like i’m a black nerd who likes spider-man
so like, what if i dissed peter parker? hahah
like from the perspective of miles morales
sixtyplug, huh

[bridge: azerrz]
red and black on me like a n-gg- miles morales
red and black on me like a n-gg- miles morales

[verse 1: azerrz]
bruh, peter’s so talentless
that boy got no balances
i’ll swing to his place but he won’t see me coming
i’ll blend into sp-ce, then i’ll take mary jane on a wonderful date
while i look at her t-tties and kiss on her face, yuh
coming out my sh-ll like gary, yuh (coming outta sh-ll)
cooking in the pot like harry, yuh (cooking up the pot)
whipping up the cream, no cherry, yuh (whipping up the cream)
leaving texts read like carrie (yuh)
venom coming out my hands (yuh)
i’mma take all peters fans, (yuh)
no hook, no pan, yuh (no hook)
i’m the black $pider-man
i’m the black $pider-man, yuh
dark face, no tan (yuh)
brown skin like i’m dan (yuh)
donald glover, he the man (yuh)
shoutout to logic, one day i’ll be chilling with you in the tropics
your last alb-m touched on a wonderful topic
all the colors and creeds are the same, we exotic

[bridge: azerrz]
so, yeah. red and black, miles morales, yuh
red and black, miles morales, yuh

[verse 2: azerrz]
fighting crime, it’s a habit
i’m a spider, you a maggot
webs on my sheets
no grill, i just put spider webs on my teeth
that was a lie, that would be disgusting
i just needed to rhyme something, don’t judge me
so, yeah. spider-man is black now, yeah
iron man is black now, yeah
superman is black now, yeah
batman is black now, yeah
i heard the flash was black now, yeah (black now)
zipping fast like pacquiao (pacquiao)
beating -ss like pacquiao (pacquiao)
$pider-man won’t back down, nah

# azerrz

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