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a$ton matthews lyrics – maneuvering


wait wait hold up
wait wait hold up

[verse 1]
i put moncler up on my body, know the price of the coat
i got some n-gg-s using benzocaine to stretch out the c-ke
my name ring bells from westside barson, northside of the beach
the bullets aiming at your noggin with the sand at your feet
boy don’t be stupid, don’t be foolish, drop a pin and we at you
bend yo block through all them bandos, bet them looneys gon’ crash you
f-ck how you feel, boy you ain’t never where its real
go hand to hand up in the field before my baby miss a meal, whats the deal?

[bridge 1]
aye aye aye aye
you know
n-gg-s really touch down in new york really havin’ it n-gg-
big gas big drank, you smelt it before you seen it, you dig!

[verse 2]
hallelujah, the ruger bend up your medula
wrist on bobby boucher ain’t no spittin’ in the cooler
you know they watch how we maneuver
in that lexo moving slimey through the sewer
bussin’ plays, corner of the brick look like filet oh
duck my b-tch before i ever duck a fade oh
hunger games, taking anything that come with fame
money, power, p-ssy, power, b-tch its all the same
all that talking, it don’t mean nothing if you never show me
mask up on me, like mick foley
benji’s on me, bring it to me, lil baby never leave you lonely
i’m just playing’
just got you wrapped up in that sh-t i’m sayin, super saiyan
turn that sh-t to armageddon, far from heaven
making [?]
really playing’ mouth piece frozen like the himalaya’s
my n-gg-s on that 55th with all that junior seau
fire packs, dodging snakes, you know we slaughter rats
you paid your way to claim the gang now what they callin’ that?
like how the f-ck i’m suppose to honor that?
aye, aye, aye

[bridge 2]

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